Corporate Image Services


Enormous catalog of promotional and gift items, graphic customization and printing, corporate image services (logos, business cards, brochures, brochures, etc.).


Realization of any type of website, from the website to the big corporate site, web marketing, e-commerce, hosting, restyling sites, domain registration.


Video editing of any kind of movie, rewrite, 2D and 3D graphics, multimedia products (Dvd, MiniCd, Cd-Rom, Cd-Card) for any kind of purpose.

Muga Lab is an advertising promotion studio that arises from the need to integrate the main aspects of communication and advertising, from the traditional to the most innovative one. Our mission is to design the most appropriate solutions to successfully secure the image and communication of your company, aware that the needs of each customer can be different in terms of purpose, time, budget, and convinced that pleasure and the passion we strive to create quality solutions is well matched with the achievement of your goals.…


Do you want to realize … …

a website, a brochure, a business card, a promotional video, a 3D graphics, a printed t-shirt? There are many ways to convey your message. We assure you that wherever your imagination will push you, we will provide you with the means and our experience so that that message reaches the goal in the best possible way.

Alessandro is responsible for the multimedia area.
She loves group work but does not despise solitude, is obsessed with aesthetics but does not despise chaos, appreciates humble people, and despises who she is not. The “Beat” literature has changed its way of reading books, Yves Klein’s art, how to look at the paintings, Ingmar Bergman’s cinema, how to watch the movies.

David is a designer and web developer.
Realizes for more than six years sites with eye-catching graphics that are well-used and cared for in every detail.
He has a lot of experience in this field also at the level of teaching, and many solid projects relined.

David is an engineer who has discovered and wanted to bring out his passion for visual arts. In the house lives surrounded by Keith Haring’s designs, the first films by Carlo Verdone have irrevocably “modified” him; he can no longer do without the characters of Corrado Guzzanti. Ah! Davide deals with 2D and 3D graphics.